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About The Hair Transplant

The Hair Clinic’s main vision is to change attitudes about hair transplantation surgery. There’s no shame in hair loss and there’s no shame in wanting to look and feel your best. As more patients speak candidly about their hair transplants, more men and women are getting in touch for consultations and treatment. If you’re losing hair considering a hair transplant, come in and talk to us.


Our surgical staff is composed of dedicated Consultant and technicians that are handpicked and personally trained by Dr. Jawad and Dr. Hassan ensuring that each patient and patient’s grafts are handled with the utmost care.


We believe that the creation of a full of hair is not just a medical procedure, it is an art form.We place great importance in factors such as facial bone structure, hairline placement and future hair loss to achieve a natural result.


Hair transplants aren’t just for older men and you definitely don’t need a huge salary to walk out with a full head of hair.

  • The Best Natural Results in Hair Transplant with relatively no pain, no linear scarring and Lasting results.
  • Don’t stand out for the wrong reasons! Let us help you restore your hair to the way it should be
  • Worried about Hair Loss? Let The Hair Clinics, restore your Hair and your Confidence.
About the Hair transplant
Principle of hair transplant



In FUE, the extraction of intact follicular unit is dependent on the principle that the area of attachment of arrector muscle to the follicular unit is the tightest zone. Once this is made loose and separated from the surrounding dermis, the inferior segment can be extracted easily. Because the follicular unit is narrowest at the surface, one need to use small micropunches of size 0.7–1.0 mm and therefore the resulting scar is too small to be recognized.



  • Adequate experience and training of the surgeon
  • Excellent lighting
  • Proper FUE OT bed.
  • Adequate magnification for the surgeon and staff
  • Proper understanding of the angle of the hair below the surface of the skin.
  • Punch size of 0.6–1.0 mm in diameter.
  • Proper motion of the hand. The hand should be perfectly stable while doing short twisting motion of the punch./li>
  • Sharp punches/blunt punches: Some surgeons use sharp punch in two-step technique to minimize the amount of twisting whereas blunt punches are used in a three-step technique to decrease the follicular transection rate.
Important factors



  • Patients who want to wear their hair very short.
  • When a patient specifically requests an FUE procedure and enough grafts can be harvested to meet his or her needs.
  • In patients with limited hair loss or those who require small sessions. This group includes patients with androgenetic alopecia in Norwood class 3 patterns.
  • In the treatment of widened scars resulting from traditional strip excisions.
  • Patients having inadequate laxity for a strip excision (too tight skin.
  • For scarring from dermatologic conditions, trauma or neurosurgical procedures.
  • In patients, who tend to heal with wide or thickened linear scars.
  • When body or beard serves as a donor area.


Hairline Design
An artistic eye and extensive experience allow us to design a natural-looking hairline that fits each patient’s stage of hair loss, age, gender, ethnicity, head shape and facial features.


Harvesting Process
Donor hair is carefully harvested, paying close attention to protecting blood supply and nerves while maximizing harvest yield. Meticulous closure of donor sites minimizes discomfort and improves healing.


Hair Graft Preparation
Hair grafts are meticulously dissected and prepared for transplant by the same dedicated team that is involved in the entire procedure, resulting in fewer traumas and more consistency.


Recipient Site Creation
Recipient sites are chosen with perfect angles, direction, pattern and graft-to-site fit in mind to create the most natural results.


Hair Graft Placement
Our experienced team expertly places all hair grafts so they are not too deep or too high and to prevent trauma upon placement.




In Body hair transplant method, hair roots from beard, chest, back and limbs can be extracted similar to FUE and transplanted on the scalp. It is particularly useful for people with limited donor hair over the scalp. The yield and re-growth after the procedure is much less (except beard) than the hair taken from the scalp.



  • Go home on the same day with a small dressing in the donor area and a cap.
  • Application of ice over forehead and massage with fingers to reduce swelling.
  • Avoid lying in face down position for 2-3 days
  • Shampooing gently after 48 hours.
  • Wear a loose cap to cover the grafts from dust and sunlight
  • Dry scabs will shed by 10-14 days
  • New hair growth starts at 10-12 weeks
  • Transplanted hair continues to grow at about 1 cm every month
  • Final result may take 10-12 months.